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Saltseum provides a range of services for Private and Corporate Collectors who would like to lease artworks or develop an Art Collection based on their interests, environment and budget.


We source works of tangible value from Galleries, Antique Dealers, Private Collectors and Artists. These works listed in the website are available for lease or sale for clients wishing to invest in the Art Market. 

The potential tax benefits are dependent on receiving professional advice. At the moment there is a 100% tax deduction for those leasing or buying artworks for their business. Please consult with your accountant with this.

We can work with clients to achieve the best result and can assist with framing, hanging and delivery.


Most of the works offered for sale on this website are categorised as being in the Secondary Art Market. This means they are  privately owned and are being offered for resale. A detailed account of provenance and a known history about the artist and artwork will be given to the new owner.

We also provide a discreet service for those wishing to downsize their art collection through Saltseum or who need advice on how to blend inherited items into their existing collection.


To enjoy a range of artworks over a period of time we can lease any item that we have on stock. Whether it is for a long term situation in an office or on a short term basis that calls for a curated display, for example for the sale of a home or a photo styling opportunity. We also locate and supply the Film and Theatre Industry with authentic props and costumes on request. Artworks at any time can be purchased by the client.



Installing an artwork


The prices of the artworks are guided by a set of criteria 

             + the price paid at time of purchase

             + the quality of framing 

             + age and condition of the artwork

             + significance of the work in the Artist's catalogue

All the works featured with Saltseum have an integrity and authenticity and it is our pleasure to discuss the qualities of each work with interested collectors.

Please contact Julia Ashton on 0438 638 919 for further information, free delivery and payment plans.


Props, Vintage Costumes and Commissioned Designs

Advice and Mentoring for Artists and Organisations

Curatorial Service for Private and Corporate Collections

Interior Design

Architectural Concept Planning

Research and Documentation

Social Media Content for Businesses

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