The Decadent and Depraved

In 2018, Saltseum curated a behind the scenes display of The Decadent and Depraved. This film, set in the West Australian outback of 1880 is an old fashioned Western shot entirely on location in Western Australia.


Collaborating on this Prince-Wright production was a team of young Western Australian designers, technicians and actors. The Production wrapped up in December 2017 and has received numerous awards overseas. It has been shown in cinemas throughout regional Western Australia, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Further information about  be found on the imdb website and www.princewrightproductions

Saltseum’s Designer, Isabel O’Neill worked on this production as Costume Designer producing mood boards and carefully sourcing outfits that influenced the characters.


Saltseum Director, Julia Ashton was on hand to document the process as Head of Wardrobe. These photos were a vital tool in costume management and generated original artworks by Perth artists from the RUAH Art Group, Len James and Mal Kaui. 


We have also written a Behind The Scenes Account which can be viewed by clicking on the photo above.

A limited Edition Suite of Photographs taken on location is one of the unique items available from Saltseum. The boxed set of 12 photos evoke the atmosphere of the outback environments where filming took place between Leonora and Cue.


By virtue of the city that we live in, the Lonerism collection is dedicated to the idea of solitude. Whether it is an unforgiving or silent landscape, a symbol of escape in an urban dystopia or the poetic character that doesn’t quite fit into the norm of suburbia - Heidi, Napoleon, the grizzly bear plodding in the snow and even Mr Fox, much to the concern of Mrs Fox.

The title comes from the second album from Tame Impala and it is an echo of the sentiments found in any Triffids song from the 1980’s. The songwriter Kevin Parker states “It is about being alone rather than being lonely.” An ism is a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement. And as such it is something we wish to support and share.

Perth is clean, well designed and hugs the coast with pockets of wealth, poverty and distinct social groups. It is the same in every city in the world, it just seems a bit more pronounced in the most isolated city in the world. Setting up in this crumbling mansion without passing traffic seems fitting.  


In August 2017, we received a call from Jo Clews, owner of Melangata Station Stay asking for assistance with the 100 Year Celebrations that were going to be held in to commemorate the building of the homestead in 1917. Situated in the Yalgoo region, 600kms from Perth, Melangata is known as the only privately owned residential home designed by Monsignor John Cyril Hawes (1876-1956) Hawes is known as the Architect Priest who designed the Geraldton Cathedral and over 20 other churches in Western Australia. 


Melangata was one of the locations that used in the filming of The Decadent and Depraved and Jo felt confident that we knew enough about the home, the history and location to lend a hand. Saltseum had already sourced some items used in filming which remained with Jo after the film crew had left. 

Working in close contact with Jo, we gathered enough furniture, artworks and objects to fill a trailer and a delivery van. Saltseum then delivered the works and assisted Jo in setting up the rooms for the Centenerary Celebration Weekend. 


Payment for this service was decided by establishing a daily rate fee, and mileage costs for the transport. Jo Clews and Melangata are now lifelong clients of Saltseum, who will continue to source items for this important historical building in the West Australian outback.


Melangata is working farm that runs Damara sheep and a Station Stay with a full range of accommodation options with Homestead Tours and Cooking Classes. These include Camping, 4WD, Caravan, Homestead Stay with Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and an indulgent fully catered remote bush camp Glamping Experience.


Further information can be found on the Melangata Station Stay Facebook page and by contacting Jo at  or on 9963 7777

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