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HEIDI / CAMILLA CONNOLLY / 2005 / Oil on Canvas 

Image size 915 x 915mm


Heidi is a very powerful work by Australian artist Camilla Connolly. Part of a series of works exhibited by Art Equity in Sydney and Perth in 2005. Heidi is a memory of turbulent and dangerous time in the artist's life. All the elements are clues to a darker reality behind the harsh light filled folds of cloth, bows and curls. 


Camilla Connolly is an artist based in New South Wales whose early adult life experiences and undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome stalled her career. Resuming her painting and  becoming an ambassador for The Buttery, she shared her experiences with Richard Fidler in his radio show Conversations in 2009.


This work is also available for lease at 20% of the above price which comes to $96 per month.


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