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UNRAVELLED 3 / ANDREW FRAZER / 2017 / Acrylic and Ink on Paper / Framed 440 x 540mm


This beautifully illustrated work was one part of a trio of works that announce the 'unravelling' of this songbird. The claws are firmly clenched and the body twists free from the ribbon that binds... Andrew Frazer's artworks, illustrations and books always seeks to inspire the quiet and hesitant to gather courage to be themselves.


This work is only available for lease as it is our policy to purchase works from local artists and to develop a Saltseum Collection. Leasing original artworks for your workplace has potential tax benefits. 


Andrew Frazer is a West Australian painter, illustrator, mural artist and facilitator for community based projects and workshops. He is represented by Turner Galleries. 


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