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UNTITLED / IAN WILLIAMS / 2017 / Oil on canvas / 300 x 450mm.

Evoking a romantic European landscape that draws the viewer to ponder distance this image suddenly jolts you into another dimension. The red brushmark with its ghostly mirror image, the slash that cuts the canvas/sky that also is reflected and suggests a glassy surface and a rock in the foreground. The more you look closely at this work the more layers you see.


Ian Williams is a Studio Painter from Western Australia. His landscapes are investigations from video games, computer screens and photographic ideas and do not follow the en plein air tradition. Where he is a tradionalist, is, in the skillful manipulation of paint and materials to convey his ongoing visual language. His work is found in many private and Public Galleries throughout Australia. He will be exhibiting this year at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.


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