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DESERTED GARDEN / IAN CORFE STEPHENS / 1980 / Wood Engraving / Limited Edition Print no. 26 from an edition of 50 / 315 x 265mm


The incredible detail found in this image was created through the medium of Wood Engraving. Using tools similar to a metal engraver the printmaker engraves the image onto the end grain of a hard wood. The block is then inked up and put through a printing press by hand.

Deserted Garden is a very complex image with many different textures created by the artist using a variety of tools. The actual image measures 130 x 100mm. 

The work has had one owner and is in a good condition with acid free mounting. The gilt gesso frame has some chips on the edges.


Ian Corfe Stephens (b.1940) is one of the UK's best practitioner and a member of The Society of Wood Engravers and retired Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. He has been engraving since 1961.


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