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MOTOR GUZZI WITH CARRAVAGIO  / ASHLEY JONES / Original image produced 1989 / Giclee Print after the Pencil Drawing 2015 / No.4 of a Limited Edition of 10  / 1240 x 940mm


This image was produced with a series of other paintings and drawings while travelling through Italy in 1985. Studying Baroque painting amidst the hedonistic atmosphere of Italy in the eighties Ashley used his painters eye to capture real moments. As Ashley writes in his description of the work "The repeated poster in the background is of a famous work by the Baroque Italian artist, Caravaggio. It is titled the Sick Bacchus or Self Portrait as Bacchus. The Moto Guzzi is for me a glorious contemporary Baroque sculpture, gleaming with ornate highly polished reflective detail and plush texture, such as in the seat. It is an allegory to sex, drugs and rock and roll. For me the combination of the red Moto Guzzi, the Baroque painting, the crumbling masonary, all add up to a very satisfying scene." 


The original pencil drawing of this image is in the prestigious Wesfarmers Art Collection. 


Ashley Jones is a Photo Realist Painter and Printmaker from Western Australia. His works are found in significant Public and Private Collections throughout Australia. He resides and works in the wine region of Margaret River where he and his wife Nina, own Gunyulgup Galleries.


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