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PRAHA / DRAGO MARIN CHERINA / Oil on Canvas / 1969 / 1005 x 605 mm


In 1968 -69 more than half a million Soviet troops descended into Czechoslavakia to halt the period of liberalisation known as the Prague Spring. The population mounted a resistance that lasted 8 months. This work was painted as a reaction to events at that time by Croatian artist Drago Marin Cherina (b.1949) and preceeded the eventual Velvet Revolution in 1989. 


Drago Marin Cherina is a prolific Croatian visual artist whose career saw him living in England, working as an assistant to both Henry Moore and Oscar Nemon. He worked in the tradition of producing sculptures of political public figures. He moved to Australia in 1975 and produced works of Gough Whitlam and other prominent figures. He currently lives and teaches in Taiwan. 


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