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THE CLEARING / JASON BENJAMIN / 2004 / Multi Plate Colour Etching

Limited Edition no. 9 /45 / Frame size 1150 x 980mm

Multi Plate Etching is a specialised and complex form of printmaking using separate zinc plates. Each colour that you see is printed with different techniques like mezzotint, engraving and soft ground. Each plate is then hand printed on the one piece of paper in a press to produce the vibrant colours and textural surfaces. 

The Clearing is a distinctly Australian landscape - flat dry terrain, intensly blue skies and pillows of cloud that reflect the sun and heat. Jason Benjamin has set many of his works over the past twenty years in the rural plains of New South Wales.


Jason Benjamin is one of Australia's most prolific and established artist with works in many significant private and public collections. His works range from oil paintings to limited edition prints.


This work is also available for lease at 20% of the above price which comes to $66 per month Tax Deductible for businesses.


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